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I. Extension Booklet Series

  1. How to Produce Home-made Pesticides
  2. Descriptive List of Selected Sweet Potato Varieties for Lowland Conditions
  3. Efficient Propagation Techniques for Taro Multiplication
  4. NARI Recommended Taro Hybrids
  5. Wetiwa Gras
  6. Four Recommended Upland Rice Varieties for Lowland Climates
  7. Sampela Toktok Bilong Lukautim Maskovi Pato
  8. Makot: Rot bilong kamapim nupela pikinini long wanpela han bilong mama diwai
  9. Aibika Genetic Diversity of Papua New Guinea
  10. Cassava Genetic Diversity of Papua New Guinea
  11. Produce your own Rice

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