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III. Information Bulletin Series

  1. Vanilla
  2. Durian
  3. Research Networks for Identified Agricultural Research Priorities in the Pacific Sub-region
  4. Recent Achievements: 1998 - 2002 of the National Agricultural Research Institute
  5. NARI Contribution to Export Driven Agricultural Growth and Import Replacement
  6. Drought Response: On-Farm Coping Strategies
  7. Rambutan
  8. Pepino: A new fruit crop for the Highlands of PNG
  9. Growing Apples in PapuaNew Guinea
  10. Growing Pineaple in Papua New Guinea
  11. Growing Avacado in Papua New Guinea
  12. Pepper Production in Papua New Guinea
  13. Domestication Potential and Marketing of Canarium Nuts in the Pacific: A Literature Review
  14. Locusts and Grasshoppers in Papua New Guinea
  15. Underutilised Species - Policies and Strategies
  16. Growing Upland Rice in Papua New Guinea
  17. Post Harvest Handling of Rice

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