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Institutional Management and Development


This program area is basically to provide:

  • capacity
  • multidimensional support
  • facilitation of Institutional activities in all its areas of performances

The purpose is to accomplish:

  • the enhanced efficiency
  • effectiveness
  • and congenial institutional environment for effective agricultural research for development service delivery

This programme also covers a variety of resources including:

  • human resources
  • financial resources
  • infrastructure and facilities
  • partnerships and collaborations

which are all necessary in undertaking Institute functions. Besides, this program deals with good governance and leadership at all levels of the Institute and advocating and promoting accountable, transparent, congenial and appropriate policies, strategies and standards for the Institute and others in the sector. Some necessary advisory and consultancy services are looked after as part of the Institute overall service to the sector.

This program has seven (7) sub-programs and they are listed below:

  1. Result-oriented Human Talent Development and Management
  2. Sustainable Financing
  3. Appropriate Infrastructure and Facilities
  4. Effective Partnerships and Collaboration
  5. Results-oriented Plans, Policies and Management
  6. Effective Result-based Leadership and Governance
  7. Enhanced Human Talent and Capacity

As per its strategic objective this program will help institutional development and management and thus contributing to the overall desired outcome at the Institute level. Besides, the sub-programs will directly contribute to all other programs in various ways including resource mobilization, resource management and utilization, accountability and transparency

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