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Internal Quarantine

The Internal Quarantine or Immediate Quarantine as it is called in Lowlands Agricultural Experimental Station was an initiative project carried out to address internal quarantine issues in the East New Britain Province. The issue of distributing clean or disease-free planting materials from tissue culture through a proper quarantine screen-house was the main focus of the project.

Proper quarantine protocols for certain crops were then developed and distributed in consultation with the Papua New Guinea’s National Agricultural Quarantine Inspection Authority procedures. The general guidelines to treat planting materials at LAES before distributing to farmers in New Guinea Islands region also include common pest lists. The Internal Quarantine work at Keravat also sets the stage and focused on the needs and benefits of disease free materials and improves internal quarantine in the New Guinea Islands Region.


The main objective of the Internal Quarantine work is to improve the well being, food security and income earning potential of farmers by supplying them with high yielding and disease free planting materials of selected food and cash crop

Current Activities

The project is currently producing disease free planting materials especially elite varieties of the PNG lowlands sweat potatoes. Plants provided in tissue culture are highly regarded as free from contaminants such as virus, fungus, yeasts etc... Farmers in the New Guinea Islands will have the opportunity to receive and grow improved crop varieties and high yielding disease-free planting materials.

The main activities involved in the production of these materials include subsequent sub culturing of the crop varieties and multiplication in tissue culture; maintenance, multiplication and conservation in the Immediate Quarantine facilities screen house, and distribution to farmers.


The current outputs of the project are;

  1. Supply of disease – free planting materials especially sweet potato,
  2. Recovering some lost materials through tissue culture
  3. Establish off station demo block
  4. To identify commercial kaukau growers


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