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NARI Management


The Executive Management comprises of the Director-General and Deputy Director-General. They are responsible for the overall management of the Institute, in accordance with policy directions from the Institute Council.

Dr. Sergie Bang

Dr. Ramakrishna Akkinapally
Deputy Director-General

The day-to-day management and co-ordination of research, technical and information programmes from NARI Headquarters and Field Programmes are undertaken by a team led by the following senior staff:

  • Dr. Birte Nass-Komolong
    Director – Agricultural Systems Programme
  • Dr. Norah Omot
    Director – Enabling Environment Programme
  • Dr. Sim Sar
    Director - Information and Knowledge
  • Mr. Aureko Amoi
    Financial Controller  
  • Mr. Roy Gagau
    Acting/Manager - Personnel and Administration



NARI has six regional research and development coordination centres in PNG:

  1. Momase Regional Centre – Bubia, Morobe Province
  2. Highlands Regional Centre – Aiyura, Eastern Highlands Province
  3. High Altitude Highlands  Regional Centre – Tambul, Western Highlands Province
  4. Southern Regional Centre – Laloki, Central Province
  5. Islands Regional Centre – Keravat, East New Britain Province  
  6. Livestock Centre – Labu, Morobe Province

Currently, the following scientists/managers are leading the regional centres:

  • Dr. Pikah Kohun
    Acting Research and Development Coordinator
    Momase Regional Centre - Bubia
  • Mr. Johannes Pakatul
    Acting Research and Development Coordinator
    Highlands Regional Centre – Aiyura
  • Mr. Kud Sitango
    Acting Research and Development Coordinator
    High Altitude Highlands Regional Centre – Tambul
  • Dr. Peter Gendua
    Acting Research and Development Coordinator
    Southern Regional Centre – Laloki
  • Mr. Ofara Petilani
    Acting Research and Development Coordinator
    Islands Regional Centre – Keravat
  • Mr. Morris Omuru
    Laboratory Manager
    National Agricultural Chemistry Laboratory, Kilakila, National Capital District

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