Resource centres can enhance farmer info...

Effective sharing of knowledge is an essential building block for resilience among vulnerable

Using organic fertilizers can improve sw...

Organic fertilizers such as chicken manure, dried coffee pulp, dried leaves of wi

Rice farmer reaping benefits from rice f...

 A former teacher turned farmer wants to package her home grown rice and sell it.

New staff looking forward to 2020 and be...

NARI is pleased to welcome new staff for the 2020 working year.

Clean banana seeds for Markham

Farmers in Markham District in Morobe will soon have clean banana seeds to plant

Processing staples can address food secu...

Papua New Guineans have survived on agriculture for many years and continue to do

Partnership looks to address food securi...

 A ground-breaking  ceremony  in  May  at  Erap  Station outside of Lae marked th

Machinery to aid seed multiplication

NARI has purchased a new tractor to support its research work and the multiplicat

Teptep keen on growing wheat

A recent trip by a team of researchers has observed that the people in Teptep are keen to gro

Model farmer training for Kome and Watut

As a follow-up of the TOT training, model farmer training were conducted at Kome and Watut pr

Theresa Govara is stepping up as a model...

Few women in rural areas are prepared to stand up to pursue whatever they wish to do in life,

Multiplication plots established in Rigo

Crop multiplication plots have been established at Kalo, Kamali, and Gamoga villages in the R