Multiplication plots established in Rigo

Mothers happy with getting the NARI's distributed planting materils


Crop multiplication plots have been established at Kalo, Kamali, and Gamoga villages in the Rigo coast LLG of the Central province.  The multiplications plots along with a nursery at each site will become the central point for multiplying and distributing crop varieties in bulk to communities along the Rigo coast.

A team from the Southern Regional Centre led by Gena Kawali, Bruce Joe and Gabriel Ure were on site from 29 June – 10 July to establish the demonstration plots. The team also conducted basic training and demonstrations on: surface cleaning process of planting materials, planting sweetpotato in mounds, yam mini-setting techniques, banana bit technique, taro mini-setting technique, and identifying underground water sources. 

Planting materials of various crops were also distributed to the communities. These included: sweetpotato (1760 cuttings of four varieties); taro (2300 suckers of two varieties); cassava (6000 cuttings of four varieties); African yam (55 tuber/68kg); wing bean seed (0.5kg);  pumpkin seed (0.5kg); nightshades seed (0.4kg) and aibika cuttings (50 cuttings each of four varieties).

The team also identified underground water sources. Water harvesting technologies will be established to satisfy irrigation requirements for the multiplication plots. The facilities can also be used for general household purposes. Under ground water detection has been done and setting up of the bore water will be carried out at Kamali village. Detection of underground water, calculation of their depths and flow rate were measured using the water dowsing technique. Further activities related to water harvesting and small livestock (village chicken and pigs) activities will be undertaken during the next visit in October.

kalo multiplication site