Teptep keen on growing wheat

Young Eki Mumbi drying wheat supervised by her younger sibling

A recent trip by a team of researchers has observed that the people in Teptep are keen to grow wheat after the crop was introduced recently through the EU supported action on climate change resilience (EUCCR). It was noted that the crop has spread to various communities in Teptep after the crop was introduced last October with the establishment of a multiplication plot at the provincial Department of Agriculture and Livestock station. On-site coordinator, Ano Darkop said with the people showing interest, seeds were being distributed through the Lutheran Church parishes. Mr Darkop said the parishes have been task to bulk up and distribute to members of their respective congregations as he was unable to meet the growing demand. Other crop varieties such as sweetpoato, cassava and taro made available through the project is being distributed through the same arrangement.

Mr Darkop said most growers are into their third crop and they have supported him by supplying seeds to make them available to other interested growers. Growers were also able share wheat (seeds as well as cooked as food) with others during the Lutheran Church Conference held at Kaveng village in late July.

The research team comprising of Cyril Atung and Jeromy Kavi visited Teptep from 28 July to 3rd August to conduct a needs and vulnerability assessment under the auspicious of ITPGRFAO “Sweetpotato Conservation and Utilization for climate Smart Agriculture for rural farmers in PNG” funded under the benefit sharing fund.

The team used the opportunity to make assessment of the EU CCR project activities mainly through discussions with Mr Darkop who is the contact person of both projects. Mr Darkop is also the contact person of the rice solar mill project supported by the PNG Incentive Fund.