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M’Buke Improved Agricultural Technology Transfer, Manus Province

Title: Transfer of Improved Agricultural Technologies in M’Buke Island, Manus Province

Funding:  K180,000 from PNGSDP Ltd over 2 years (2010 – 2012)

Status: Ending December 2012. However, a project impact assessment survey is planned for 1st quarter of 2013

Project Background/Justification: Food shortage and malnutrition are the main issues for M’Buke Island with a population of 700 people, Manus Province.  Their main diet is mainly sago and fish and from refined store goods (rice, flour, sugar, tea.. etc.) for those who can afford.  Subsistence gardening is non-existing as these islanders are known as great fishermen.  They get garden food and sago supply from barter system or market from the mainland Manus.  Most of the islanders earned income from fishing and from remittance (an additional burden to members of M’Buke Island community working in towns) from relatives working in cities and towns within Papua New Guinea and in oversea countries and 80% is spent on food staff.

Strategic Objectives: To enhance the livelihood of the people in terms of improved food security and nutrition by growing a diversified food crop base, gained additional new skills and knowledge and create income generation opportunities from garden produce.

Main Outcomes/Activities:

  • Establish community based Resource Centre,
  • Transfer of improved Agricultural technologies (planting materials and Muscovy ducks),
  • Provide/conduct farmer trainings and demonstration on basic vegetable production, minisett techniques of yams and taro, crop protection (PDPs and taro beetle chemical control) and simple food processing & preservation technologies, and
  • Disseminate selected printed information about the improved/selected technologies.

Major Achievements (2012)

  • NARI improved selected crops (NARI taros, African yams, sweet potatoes, cassava and white open pollinated corn seeds) successfully transferred from NARI-Laloki to ‘Buke, multiplied, utilized and further disseminated from project sites to other community members,
  • Main NARI/Community multiplication garden on M’Buke Island established and still being maintained,
  • Seven (7) clan main gardens established and several individual family gardens established with many small backyard gardens,
  • Two additional Resource Centre established on Mainland Manus, Timonai (South Manus) and Saehesapo (South-West Manus). Planting materials of cassava (400 stick), African yam (60 tubers), local trobrian yams (80 tubers), NARI taros (400 suckers) and Sweet potatoes ( 300 cuttings) were supplied from M’Buke Island main multiplication garden,
  • MBuke Islanders hosted harvest celebration in July 2012. Many Provincial Government Representatives (including the Member for Manus Open, Hon. Ronnie knight) attended and PNGSDP Program Manager, Mr. L. Stephens). Over 1000 tubers of African yams (D. rotundata), 6,000 local Trobriand yams (D. esculenta), 300 sweet potatoes and 400 cassava from NARI were harvested and displayed during the harvest celebrations,
  • A Certificate of Appreciation from M’Buke Islands Peoples Association Inc. was presented to NARI for Valuable contribution to the sustainable Development Program through Improved Agricultural Technologies project in M’Buke Islands, Manus Province,
  • Conducted 3 x trainings/demonstration on Crop protection using PDPs and Taro chemical control in April in all 3 project sites M’Buke, Timonai and Saehesapo).  A total of over 100 farmers attended and participated,
  • Conducted 2 x trainings/demonstration on simple food processing & preservation including how to make fruit jams at 2 locations (M’Buke Island & Whal Island).  Participants from Timonai & Saehesapo Project sites congregate at Whal island, a central place. A total of over 160 participants from the project sites attended,
  • Disseminated over 600 NARI Toktoks and other printed information about the improved technologies, crop protection and food processing and preservation to 3 project sites (M’Buke Island, Timonai and Saehesapo), and
  • Twenty nine (29) Muscovy ducks supplied from NARI-laloki to Project sites Timonai and Saehesapo, Manus Province.

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