Farming harvesting taro on Misima

While it may sound too early to stake any claims, NARI taro varieties are making inroads on Misima Island. A recent follow up trip to the project site on the Island has observed that NARI varieties, particularly NT01 and NT02 had a high demand compared to other improved crop varieties made available to the Islanders. This was evident with the high demand for planting materials of the two taro varieties. The island community come to appreciate and value these varieties based on their yielding abilities with good taste. Their ability to resist against taro leaf blight has also added value to the islanders’ preference.

Other crop varieties distributed to Misima Islanders included: lowland cassava varieties (L 06, L 56, L 86 and L 92); sweetpotato varieties (SI 85, Beauregard, NSP2 and K9); upland rice varieties (NR01 & NR16) and wing beans.

More varieties would be distributed to the islanders with the establishment of the multiplication garden on the island and with additional supply from the NARI Southern Regional Centre at Laloki, outside Port Moresby.