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Mission & Vision

Mission: "To promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange".

Vision: "Prosperous Papua New Guinea (PNG) Agricultural Communities". Read More ->

Solar powered milling technology for rice farmers

A solar powered rice milling technology will be piloted in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea for the next three years (2017-2019)  to boost food security and improve rural livelihoods in selected rice growing areas. This is a collaboration between NARI, Trukai Industries, Project Support Services (PSS) and the PNG Women in Agriculture with the support of the Australian Government funded Incentive Fund.

PNGWiADF turns 10

The PNG Women in Agriculture Development Foundation celebrated 10 years of service as the voice of women farmers in Papua New Guinea on January 25, 2017. NARI has been a great supporter of this women network, whose main office is housed at NARI Bubia. NARI Director General Dr Sergie Bang said PNGWiA is in a good position to make an input and benefit from PNG government’s investments in impact agricultural projects. Read more here.

Investment crucial for PNG agriculture

Papua New Guinea requires more investment in agriculture given the enormous potential the sector has to not only improve the economy but also to put money into the pockets of local farmers. This can be achieved by improving value chains of various food crops such as sweetpotato, Irish potato and bulb onion among others.

Australia's new Consulate General visits NARI

Australia has a long relationship with Papua New Guinea and supporting the agriculture sector is one way of strengthening this partnership, says Australia's new Consulate General to Lae, Paul Murphy. During his first official visit to the NARI Head Office at Bubia on February 28, 2017, Murphy also acknowledged the Institute as a long-time key partner in delivering Australian government funded projects over the years.

Solar driven rope water pump for drought vulnerable communities in PNG

A partnership between NARI and the Korean Government through the Korea Invention Promotion Association (KIPA) has seen the successful piloting of a solar driven rope-water pump technology in selected drought vulnerable communities of PNG. This is an innovation that will support sustainable rural farming for food security and income during extreme drought conditions.


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