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Mission & Vision

Mission: "To promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange".

Vision: "Prosperous Papua New Guinea (PNG) Agricultural Communities". Read More ->

Enriching livestock capacity in Western Pacific

Agricultural professionals in Western Pacific countries are now skilled on how to make better assessments on livestock research and development in the region. This follows a workshop on assessment of constraints, opportunities and potentials in livestock research and development, which took place in Honiara, Solomon Islands, during June 25-27 2012, courtesy of NARI.

Gadi Ling passes on

A senior national scientist from the National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI), Gadi Ling, passed away on Monday (2/7/12) at the Keravat General Hospital after a short illness. NARI staff and friends and relatives around the country were shocked after receiving the sad news this week. From Ralalar village in the Gazelle District, East New Britain, the Late Gadi Ling, 57, was a longest serving employee of NARI.

Vanuatu benefits from PNG expertise

Vanuatu’s agriculture sector has benefitted from capacity development initiatives by PNG in the last 12 months, according to Tarikole Molisale, a senior root crops officer with the Department of Agriculture in Vanuatu. Mr Molisale said that selected extenionists and researchers were trained on conservation and utilization of plant genetic resources (PGR) after getting training in PNG at NARI.

Conserving genetic resources for food security

Plant Genetic Resources are a national wealth that must be properly conserved and utilized for crop improvement and food security. However, like other Pacific Island countries, Solomon Islands continues to lose its genetic base of food crops at a much faster rate, says a Solomon Islands agriculturalist, Mary Esekana, after completing a two-week intensive training at NARI in Lae.


Rural industry needs leadership

The rural industry needs effective and strong leadership to drive development aspirations in this changing PNG economy, says Brown Bai, Chairman of Rural Industries Council.
Mr Bai said there is obvious lack of leadership both at political and administrative levels, resulting in the sector going around in circle without achieving much when agriculture is the backbone of this country and over 80 % of its people live off the land.
“The industry needs political and administrative leadership,” Mr Bai stressed.



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