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Mission & Vision

Mission: "To promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange".

Vision: "Prosperous Papua New Guinea (PNG) Agricultural Communities". Read More ->

Director General's Christmas Message

We are approaching another Festive Season and 2016 will pass by in the next few days. On this occasion, I wish to extend our very best wishes and appreciation to all staff of NARI - DG's Office, Senior Management, Staff at HQ and Regional Centres including DDG, PDs; RDCs, CMs, PLs, scientists and ancillary staff. My sincere appreciation is extended also to our partners and stakeholders, including the many farmers we have worked with during the course of this year.

Potential for mobile apps in agri development

The use of Mobile Applications (apps) as a conduit for data collection and information sharing offers enormous benefits in commerce, education and development. Mobile apps have been central to handsets such as smartphones and tablets in the face of mobile evolution. Their capability to allow instant usage when on-the-go has enhanced greater collaboration and access to information among millions of users globally.

Information system vital for agri development

Information is power and the up-keeping of an effective and efficient information management system is paramount for NARI and the PNG National Agriculture Research Systems (NARS).

The maintenance and expansion of the Melanesian Agricultural Information Systems (MAIS), formerly the PNG National Agricultural Information System (NAIS), adds value in ensuring better management and usability of research information in the agriculture sector.

RED 2 project finalises information requirements

NARI staff involved in the Rural Economic Development Programme Phase 2 (RED 2) deliberated on information requirements of the initiative during a four-day workshop at the Highlands Regional Centre at Aiyura, Eastern Highlands province, from November 7-10.

Challenges and opportunities in the value chain of sweet potato, Irish potato and bulb onion in PNG's Highlands areas

The efficiency of vegetable production and marketing in the PNG highlands has been of significant concern over the years. Poor efficiency and knowledge in the production, post harvest and marketing channels with inadequate marketing infrastructure and services are some of the major limitations to the levels of quality, quantity and income for a farmer.


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