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Mission & Vision

Mission: "To promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange".

Vision: "Prosperous Papua New Guinea (PNG) Agricultural Communities". Read More ->

Kisa technology attracts Markham rice farmers

Travelling long distances to mill rice by Markham rice farmers in the Morobe province will be minimised, thanks to the EU Farm Mechanisation project for introducing Kisar, a manual rice mill.

Rice farmer Doris Awian said a kisar training at Garam village came at a crucial time when rice farmers in Markham have struggled over the years to get their rice to the nearest mill which has been a costly exercise.

Kundiawa/Gembogl keen on drought coping strategies

The Kundiawa/Gembogl district in Simbu has shifted its focus to agriculture following the El Nino drought in the province. Kundiawa/Gembogl MP Tobias Kulang paid a brief visit to NARI's Sir Alkan Tololo Research Centre in Lae on January 14 2016 to see and learn about suitable agricultural technologies and innovations which would assist his district in coping with the prolonged drought.

How to reduce damage from sweetpotato weevil

Sweetpotato weevil, the worst insect pest of sweet potato or kaukau, is reportedly causing great harm in PNG gardens. The weevil ruins storage roots (tubers) which rot with bitter taint. Immature larvae of the adult weevil makes tunnels and holes. When infected with larvae, even pigs won’t eat the storage roots.

Director General's Christmas Message

As we head into the festive season, I wish to extend my very best wishes to all our staff, partners and stakeholders.  I am pleased that NARI continues to make good progress in accomplishing its strategic objective and impacting positively on the lives of our people in this challenging time.

NARI supports Vanuatu agriculture

Three farming communities in Vanuatu have benefited from new and improved farming practices and technologies between 2011-2015, courtesy of the NARI EU-ARD project.

Through the EU funded regional research and development project, and in partnership with the Vanuatu Department of Agriculture, NARI has worked with the farming communities to improve village-based agriculture for food security and income.


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