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Mission & Vision

Mission: "To promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange".

Vision: "Prosperous Papua New Guinea (PNG) Agricultural Communities". Read More ->

Biosand filter provides safe drinking water for Derin during drought

The Derin community in the Trans-Gogol area of Madang is enjoying purified and clean water despite water shortage caused by the current El Nino drought.

The ’biosand filter’ technology, introduced by NARI and BOKU to help the rural community having access to clean water during water shortage as a result of extreme climatic conditions, has proven worthwhile for households in Derin.

Leadership forum for farm organizations

Leaders from various farmer organizations throughout PNG gathered at the Alan Quartermain Hall at NARI Bubia for a four-day engagement in learning exchange and leadership training opportunities.

High level policy dialogue in Bangkok

A high level policy dialogue on 'Investment in Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region' will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from December 8-9 2015.

EU-ARD project supports Kairuku farmers during drought

The present El Nino-induced drought has had a huge negative impact on food and water securities across the country. While current relief efforts are focused on food rations (processed) in some of the worst affected districts, two communities in the Kairuku District of Central province see innovative food production was the way to go in having continued access to food as the situation continues.

El Nino is now upon PNG !

Papua New Guinea is presently into the peak of an intensified drought scenario (El Nino induced) ever witnessed in recent times.

Since June 2015, communities have experienced low rainfall and prolonged dry spells, with accompanying frosts and wild fires threatening food and water securities for over half the country’s seven million people.


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