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Partners & Associates

DAL – Papua New Guinea Dept. of Agriculture & Livestock

The PNG National Department of Agriculture & Livestock is to provide the leadership required in the agriculture and livestock sector. Its main role is to formulate and provide appropriate policy and technical advise, and to monitor and evaluate the implementation of the national agricultural programmes. In doing so, to achieve the national agricultural goal of improved productivity and sustainability of food and export crops and livestock, for greater food security and income for an increased national standard of living.

AIGF – Agricultural Innovations Grant Facility

AusAID, through the AIGF facility, is providing funds for agricultural research, extension and training organisations in PNG to deliver the benefits of research and improved technologies to smallholder farmers. This website provides you the Contact, Guidelines, Projects Listed, Timetable, Resources, Links, Archives, Documents and other useful information about the AIGF facility.

ACIAR – The Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

ACIAR is a statutory authority established by the passage of the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research Act in June 1982. Its establishment reflected the view that Australia could make a special contribution to development through sharing its agricultural research expertise.

UNITECH – The Papua New Guinea University of Technology

APAARI – Asia-Pacific Association of Agricultural Research Institutions

APAARI’s mission is to promote the development of NARS in the Asia-Pacific region through inter-regional and inter-institutional cooperation.

GFAR – Global Forum on Agricultural Research

QDPI – Queensland Department of Primary Industry

The 2002 – 07 Corporate Plan outlines our key strategies for delivering on our vision for a better quality of life for all Queenslanders – a quality of life supported by innovative, world class food and fibre industries, by responsible and ecologically sustainable use of our State’s natural resources, and by capable and self-reliant rural communities.

SPC – The Secretariat for the Pacific Community

The Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) is the premier regional technical and development organisation of the Pacific. An international organisation, SPC works in partnership with its members, other organisations and donors to deliver priority work programmes to member countries and territories. Its work programmes aim to develop the technical, professional, scientific, research, planning and management capability of Pacific Island people and directly provide information and advice, to enable them to make informed decisions about their future development and well-being. SPC is the only bilingual (English/French) regional organisation covering all 22 countries and territories of the Pacific.

ANU – The Australian National University

The Australian National University offers graduate and undergraduate courses in a range of disciplines ranging from Arts to Law and Mathematics, to Science and Womens Studies.

CGIAR – Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

Our Mission: To contribute to food security and poverty eradication in developing countries through research, partnerships, capacity building, and policy support, promoting sustainable agricultural development based on the environmentally sound management of natural resources.

CAB – CAB International

A leading global not-for-profit organisation specialising in sustainable solutions for agricultural and environmental problems


Pestnet is an email network that helps people in the Pacific and South East Asia obtain rapid advice and information on plant protection, including the identification and management plant pests. It links the Pacific and South East Asian Regions with plant protection specialists worldwide and is free to members.

CTA – Technical Centre for Agriculture and Rural Cooperation ACP EU

The website supports the policy dialogue on S&T for agricultural and rural development in African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries. It enables the ACP scientific community – primarily agricultural research and development scientists and technologists, policy makers, farmers and other stakeholders and actors – to share and review results of national and regional efforts and collaborate to harness science and technology for the development of agriculture in their countries.

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