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Title: Gomore Tick Agro-forestry Project

Partners: PNG National Forest Authority (PNGNFA) and NARI

Funding:  K113, 000 from ITTO (coordinated by PNGNFA)

Duration: Over 3 year period (2012 – 2014)  

Project Background/Justification: The vast grasslands of Gomore in Rigo district of Central Province will be planted to high value timber tick plantation.  To maximize and fully utilize the land under tick plantation, food crops will be inter-cropped at least for the first 3 years of establishment. This agro-forestry project would address the food security issues currently being faced by the project community and also create income generation from the sales of harvested food crops while waiting for the timber to be harvested.

Strategic Objectives:  To enhance the livelihood of the people in terms of improved food security and nutrition by growing a diversified food crop base, improved agricultural farming practices by inter-cropping of food crops with tick tress, gained additional new skills and knowledge and create income generation opportunities from garden produce.

Main Outcomes / Activities:

  • Establish community based Resource Centres at the 3 tick plantation sites,
  • Transfer of improved Agricultural technologies (planting materials) and establish main multiplication gardens/nursery,
  • Provide/conduct farmer trainings and demonstration on basic vegetable production, minisett techniques of yams and taro, crop protection (PDPs and taro beetle chemical control) and simple food processing & preservation technologies, and
  • Disseminate selected printed information about the improved/selected technologies.

Major Achievements in 2012

  • Project awareness, to the communities, has been carried out in early 2012,
  • A rapid appraisal (survey) was conducted and a report completed in April 2012,
  • Land for the main multiplication garden/nursery for all 3 sites being allocated,
  • List of materials and equipment being submitted to PNGNFA for procurement, and
  • Initial multiplication nursery gardens/plots at NARI-Laloki to generate planting materials for the Gomore sites has commenced.