This centre is based in the Aiyura valley, in the Eastern Highlands province. It is the centre of coordination of the central highlands region. Aiyura is situated at an altitude of 1664m above sea level. Research activities undertaken at this centre are representative of regions ranging from 1200 to 1800m above sea level.

We can be reached on phone 7426 5061.

Current Research

The major research focus is on food crops (sweet potato, natural resource management, crop protection and integrated farming systems. Our tissue culture laboratory is also located here.

Climate change awareness

World Bank Drought and Frost Project

  • Selection of Crops and Cultivars tolerant to drought and frost
  • Soil and Water Management Technologies including Simple Irrigation Systems
  • Drought Early Warning Systems and Farm-level Contingency Plans
Sweet potato production project site at Asaro

Plant Protection

  • Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of Brassica
  • Oribius Weevil – ACIAR Project
  • Component of the Peanut Project
Weed management

Tissue Culture Laboratory

  • Germplasm Conservation
  • Rapid Micropropagation

Information, Outreach and Liaison

  • Library and Information Activities
  • Outreach and Liaison Activities
  • Information Centre

We can be reached by phone 7460 9973