The centre is based at Keravat on the Gazelle Peninsula of the East New Britain province. It services the agricultural research needs of the Islands provinces of East New Britain, West New Britain, New Ireland, Manus and North Solomon. The provinces comprise a distinct geographic, ethnic and political area with similar flora and fauna. Characterized by having significant areas of plantation agriculture, particularly cocoa, coconuts and oil palm, there is potential for alternative cash cropping. There are some pockets of high population density areas and typical agricultural problems are found on atolls.

This centre is the oldest research station in Papua New Guinea, with its establishment in 1928. It was popularly known and still referred today as the Lowlands Agricultural Experiment Station or LAES. It continues to conduct applied and development orientated research for the wet lowland coastal areas of the New Guinea Islands.

We can be reached on phone 983 9145

Current Research

The major research focus for LAES is on emerging cash crops, fruits and nuts development ( including indigenous species), natural resources management, integrated production systems, crop protection, poultry development, and post harvest. Germplasm collections of food and cash crops are maintained in the field and in tissue culture. An insect collection comprised mainly of crop pests is held for the Islands Region.

For further information, contact:

The Research and Development Coordinator,
Island Regional Centre - LAES
PO Box 204
Kokopo, East New Britain
Ph: 9839145/9200; Fax: 9839129