The centre is located at Laloki in the Central Province, about 30 km outside the national capital, Port Moresby. The research and development activities of the centre are focused towards the dry-lowlands of PNG. The dry-lowlands have a rainfall less than 2,000 mm, pronounced dry periods with soil moisture stress, typically with man-induced grasslands or savanna. Population densities are low to very low. Agriculture is characterized as low-intensity subsistence.

We can be reached on phone 323 5511 / 328 1170.

Current Research

Research studies and other research related activities executed there include:

Sweet potato production

Crop Production

Banana germplasm collection at Laloki

Plant Genetic Resources

Weed management

Crop Protection

The centre is the national germplasm collection site for banana, cassava, yam and aibika.

We can be reached by phone 320 2345 / 321 2690