Our biotechnology laboratory was established since 2011.

The facility is equipped with advanced biotechnological equipment for molecular analysis of biological materials, diagnostics and other associated work. Our laboratory aims to be the center of research, development, training, and technology dissemination of agricultural biotechnology in Papua New Guinea. Genetic analysis of crop lines and varieties has been outsourced to developed countries in the past.  The new laboratory enables to performing modern analyses in the country.  It also aims to contribute to capacity building of researchers by providing timely and personalized training, and to the protection of intellectual property associated with our rich biological diversity.

For further information, contact:

Research and Development Coordinator
Momase Regional Centre
P.O. Box 1639
LAE 411
Morobe Province

Telephone: 675 478000
Facsimile: 675 475 1450

Email: narimrc@nari.org.pg