Our tissue culture facility acts as a means for multiplying or storing plant material by using biotechnology that circumvent the need for large space and manpower. It is currently the most convenient way for the transport and rapid multiplication of disease-free plant material and also the safer option for maintaining germplasm collections.

The facility is an expansion of a microprogation laboratory built by the Coffee Research Institute of the Papua New Guinea Coffee Industry Corporation in 1988. The facility was built in response to the then Coffee Rust Disease that had afflicted the coffee industry. The plan was to have breeding programs coupled with the rapid micropropagation technology to revive the industry. Fortunately the problem was not as severe as predicted and since then, facilities were used in a variety of small ways, including micropropagation of potato and germplasm conservation of sweet potato. Through a memorandum of understanding was signed in 2002, both institutions have access to the facility.

Germplasm Conservation

Crop Number of Varieties Number of Replicates Total number of cultures
Taro 859 10 8,590
Sweet Potato 1200 10 12,000
Banana 300 10 3,000
Cassava 80 10 800
Yams 300 10 3,000
Aibika 100 10 1,000

Rapid Micropropagation

We provide up to 1200 potato plantlets per month for the Fresh Produce Development Company. This is an on-going arrangement and supports the potato seed system.

We are currently working on the rapid multiplication of floral plants for supply to urban growers. Additionally, the programme is working on the protocols for the rapid multiplication of sweet potato as well as other crops.

Contact Information

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Tissue Culture Laboratory
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