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II. Technical Bulletin Series

  1. Description of Selected Sweet Potato Varieties for Lowland Conditions: Selection as of December 1998
  2. Towards an Integrated Cabbage Pest Management Strategy for the Wet Lowlands of Papua New Guinea
  3. Improved Taro Varieties with Resistance to Taro Leaf Bligh for Papua New Guinea Farmers
  4. Conservation of Domestic Animal Genetic Resources in PNG
  5. Potential for a Pepper Industry in Papua New Guinea
  6. Evaluation of Sweet Potato Varieties in Eight Pacific Island Countries and the Philippines. Results and Recommendations as of April 1993
  7. Strategies for Agricultural and Rural Development in Papua New Guinea
  8. Sweet Potato Variety Evaluation in PNG: Achievements and Methods
  9. Yam Germplasm Collections in PNG
  10. Pig Nutrition Research in the 1970s and early 1980s
  11. Evaluation of selected rice Varieties for Upland rainfed Production in the Lowlands of Papua New Guinea
  12. Plant Genetic Resources Strategy for Papua New Guinea
  13. Soil and Plant Sample Collection, Preparation and Interpretation of Chemical Analysis
  14. Participatory Rural Appraisal & Planning (PRAP) in Seko and Deyamos Local Level Government, Kabwum District, Morobe Province
  15. Ownership and Management of Sheep and Goats in Three Highland Provinces of Papua New Guinea
  16. Peri- urban Agriculture Programme, Hillside Farming Survey
  17. Physico-chemical and eating qualities of selected rice varieties in Papua New Guinea
  18. Survey of current Feeding Practices and Attitudes to Broiler Chicken Production
  19. Impact and Management of Oribius Weevils in Papua New Guinea
  20. Confirmation of Low Genetic Gains for 12 Taro (Colocasia esculenta (L) Schott) Lines for Taro Leaf Blight Resistance, Yield and Eating Quality
  21. Think Local before going Global: Understanding Consumer Preferences of Fresh Produce in Papua New Guinea
  22. An Evaluation of Soil Fertility Constraints in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea

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