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Toktoks are simple leaflets on new and improved technologies and information packages for farmers. They are written in plain English, Tok Pisin and Hiri Motu with illustrations for better clarity. All Toktok leaflet series can be obtained from the respective NARI centres and their prices vary. Click here for contact details of the centres.

I. Momase Regional Centre - Bubia

  1. BUB001 Taro Pests (E)
  2. BUB001 Binatang Bilong Taro (P)
  3. BUB002 Binatang Bilong Rais (P)
  4. BUB003 Wei Bilong Kamapim Planti Sid Yam (P)
  5. BUB004 Sapot Diwai Bilong Vanilla (P)
  6. BUB005 Binatang Bilong Vanilla (P)
  7. BUB006 Nutritional Disorders of Yam (E)
  8. BUB007 Biological Control of Chromolaena (E)
  9. BUB008 Legumes and Pulses (new) (E)
  10. BUB009 Milling Rice (new) (E)
  11. BUB010 Yam Staking (E)
  12. BUB011 Methods of Controlling Taro Leaf Blight (E)
  13. BUB012 Pest of Stored Rice (E)
  14. BUB013 How to Make Rolling Tongtong (E)
  15. BUB014 Banis bilong Taro Bitol


II. Rice and Grain Project - Bubia

  1. RGP001 Morphology and Growth of Rice Plant (E)
  2. RGP002 Timely Harvesting (E)
  3. RGP003 Handling of Harvesting Rice Crop (E)
  4. RGP003 Pasin Bilong Lukautim Rais i Redi Long Katim (rev) (P)
  5. RGP004 Minimising Grain Losses in Rice (E)
  6. RGP005 Threshing of Rice (E)
  7. RGP006 Cleaning and Winnowing of Rice (E)
  8. RGP007 Storage and Preservation of Rice (E)
  9. RGP008 Parboiling of Paddy Rice (E)
  10. RGP009 Growing Upland Rice (E)
  11. RPG010 Cultivating Improved Upland Rice Varieties in the Highlands of PNG


III. Livestock Project - Labu

  1. LAB002 Rabbits (E)
  2. LAB002 Rebit (P)
  3. LAB003 Ostralop Kakaruk (P)
  4. LAB003 Australorp Chicken (E)
  5. LAB004 Muscovy Ducks (E)
  6. LAB004 Maskovi Pato (P)
  7. LAB005 Animal Manure for Your Garden (E)
  8. LAB006 Feeding Pigs on Local Foods (E)
  9. LAB007(E) Care of Hen with Baby Chick
  10. LAB008(E) Avoid Inbreeding in Farm Animals
  11. LAB008 Wei Bilong Abrusim Marit Namel Long ol Abus i gat Wanpela Blut (P)
  12. LAB009 Reducing Losses of Baby Pig (E)
  13. LAB010 Good Piglet Weaning Practices (E)
  14. LAB011 Givim Gutpela Kaikai long ples Kakaruk
  15. LAB012 Sheep (E)
  16. LAB013 How to Tell the Age of Sheep and Goats (E)
  17. LAB013 Wei Bilong Painimaut Krismas Bilong Meme na Sipsip(P)
  18. LAB014 Tenpela rot bilong kamapim gutpela ples kakaruk (P)
  19. LAB015 Drenching Sheep and Goats (E)
  20. LAB015 Givim Marasin (Drenching) Long Ol Meme na Sipsip (P)
  21. LAB016 Keeping Village Chicken: An introduction
  22. LAB016 Lukautim ples kakaruk (P)
  23. LAB017 Breeding Does (E)
  24. LAB018 Lakautim Broila Kakaruk wantaim NARI Broila Konsentret


IV. Southern Regional Centre - Laloki

  1. LAL001 Banana Bit Information (E)
  2. LAL001 Kamapim Planti Kru Banana (rev) (P)
  3. LAL002 Taro Mini-sett Information (E)
  4. LAL002 Toktok Bilong Taro Mini-sett (P)
  5. LAL003 Yam Mini-sett Information (E)
  6. LAL003 Kamapim Planti Kru Yam (rev) (P)
  7. LAL004 Side Cleft Grafting Technique on Mango (E)
  8. LAL004 Sait Kleft Graf Long Mango Diwai (P)
  9. LAL005 Information on Neem Tree (E)
  10. LAL005 Toktok Bilong Neem Diwai (P)
  11. LAL006 Recommended Cassava Varieties for Lowlands (E)
  12. LAL007 Information on Neem Insecticide (rev) (E)
  13. LAL007 Toktok Bilong Neem Diwai (rev) (P)
  14. LAL007 Neem Murmura (M)
  15. LAL008 Fibreless Mango Varieties Received from Overseas (E)
  16. LAL009 Fruit Flies (rev) (E)
  17. LAL010 Fruit Bagging Against Fruit Flies (E)
  18. LAL010 Beg i banisim Prut Lang (P)
  19. LAL010 Nuisipepa Ena Ikumi Ia Koua Au Hauhau Ena (M)
  20. LAL011 Banis compost (P)
  21. LAL012 Rope and Washer Pump (E)
  22. LAL013E Red Banded Mango Caterpillar
  23. LAL014E How to Produce and Save your own Capsicum Seeds
  24. LAL015E How to Produce and Save your own Mungbean Seeds
  25. LAL016E How to Produce and Save your own Eggplant Seeds
  26. LAL017E How to Produce and Save your own Okra Seeds
  27. LAL018E How to Produce your own SoyBean Seeds
  28. LAL019E How to Produce and Save your own Tomato Seeds
  29. LAL020E How to Produce and Save your own Yardlong Bean Seeds


V. Islands Regional Centre - Keravat

  1. KER001 An Introduction to Vanilla (E)
  2. KER002 Species of vanilla and where to grow them in PNG (rev) (E)
  3. KER003 Tumerik (P)
  4. KER004 How to Bud Graft Citrus (E)
  5. KER005 Lukaut Long Banana Prut Lang (P)
  6. KER006 Wokobaut Kompos (P)
  7. KER007 Support and Shade Your Vanilla (rev) (E)
  8. KER008 How to Plant Vanilla (rev) (E)
  9. KER009 How to Train Vanilla Vines (rev) (E)
  10. KER010 Pepper Cultivation (rev) (E)
  11. KER011 Supports for Pepper (E)
  12. KER012 How to Prune Pepper (E)
  13. KER013 Harvesting and Processing of Pepper (E)
  14. KER014 Mulching Vanilla Plants (E)
  15. KER015 Planifolia Vanilla Flower Inductions (E)
  16. KER016 Vanilla Pollination (E)
  17. KER017 Harvesting Ripe Vanilla (E)
  18. KER018 Vanilla Curing (E)
  19. KER019 Vanilla Industry Issues (E)
  20. KER020 Vanilla Diseases: Shoot Blight (Anthracnose) (E)
  21. KER021 Derris root as Pesticide (E)
  22. KER022 Marcotting Manual (E)
  23. KVT023 Nutmeg (E)
  24. KER024 Rambutan (E)
  25. KER025 Durian Clones (E)
  26. KER026 Durian (E)
  27. KER027 Abiu (E)
  28. KER028 Mangosteen (E)
  29. KERO29 Galip (E)


VI. Highlands Regional Centre - Aiyura - Drought Toktoks (All in Tok Pisin)

  1. AIY001 Bungim Kainkain Wei Bilong Daunim Daimon Bek Mot
  2. AIY002 Gutpela Rot Bilong Yusim Kainkain Marasin Bilong
  3. AIY003 Ol Hailans Kaukau i ken Sanap Strong Long Taim Bilong Bikpela San
  4. AIY004 Ol Hailans Kaukau i ken Karim Hariap Insait Long 4 o 5 mun
  5. AIY005 Ol Sampela Rot Bilong Rerim Tapiok Bilong Kaikai
  6. AIY006 Ol Nambis Kaukau i ken Sanap Strong Long Taim Bilong Bikpela San
  7. AIY007 Ol Sampela Gutpela Tapiok Bilong Hailans
  8. AIY008 Ol Sampela Gutpela Tapiok Bilong Nambis
  9. AIY009 Ol Nambis Kaukau i ken Karim Hariap Insait Long 3 Pela Mun
  10. AIY010 Ol Rot Bilong Rerim Na Kaikai Drai Kon
  11. AIY011 Ol Rot Bilong Rerim Na Kaikai Drai Bin
  12. AIY012 Putim Mals (Drai Lip O Gras) Long Gaden
  13. AIY013 Ol Sampela Rot Bilong Lukautim Kaikai i save Karim insait Long Graun
  14. AIY014 Binatang Nogut Bilong Kaukau (Swit Poteto Wivol)
  15. AIY015 Sampela Ples Pasin i halivim Ol Man Long Ples Long Taim
  16. AIY016 Pulim Wara: Rop Na Wara Pam
  17. AIY017 Pulim Wara LongGaden: Dram Irigesen
  18. AIY018 Ol Banana i ken Sanap Strong Long Taim Bilong Bikpela San
  19. AIY019 Lukautim Kaikai Long Gaden Long Taim Bilong Bikpela San
  20. AIY020 Ol Gutpela Rot Bilong Rausim Kaikai Long Gaden
  21. AIY021 Daunim Hevi Bilong Ais (Frost)
  22. AIY022 Putim Rais Gut B’long Kaikai Longpela Taim
  23. AIY023 Lukautim Saksak Long Taim Bilong Bikpela San


VII. Highlands Regional Centre - Tambul

  1. TAM001 Information on Ways to Control Potato Late Blight Disease (E)
  2. TAM001 Wei Bilong Aburusim Sik Poteto Leit Blait (rev) (P)
  3. TAM002 Wei Bilong Planim Wit (rev) (P)

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