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Vision and Mission


In our vision for PNG, we see "Prosperous PNG Agricultural Communities."

The word "prosperous" implies economic, social and cultural well-being of all residents of PNG. Reference to "agricultural communities", in its wider sense, means that the prosperity of all in PNG will be realized through wealth creation and sustainable broad-based economic growth from agricultural development.

As more than 85 percent of today's seven million people in PNG depend directly on agriculture, the prosperity of agricultural communities will be paramount in realizing the prosperity of all in PNG.

The above rationale is based on the Institute’s assertion that agriculture is the most important sector in the Papua New Guinea economy. This is not only because of the vast majority’s dependence on agriculture but also because of the sector’s tremendous untapped potential. This potential is not only to assure food security, improve cash incomes and provide comfortable livelihoods but also to bring total prosperity and full development to the country. It follows then that the agriculture sector must be targeted for development if the nation is to prosper and become one of the developed nations of the world.

NARI has a specific mission and a set of objectives to enable the realization of its vision for the agriculture sector and the nation.


While the agriculture sector is important, agricultural research and improved technologies and knowledge are seen to be the most critical catalytic agents in promoting agricultural development, broad-based economic growth and sustainable rural development, through empowering people.

Our mission therefore is "To promote innovative agricultural development in Papua New Guinea through scientific research, knowledge creation and information exchange."

The word "promote" is used to indicate affirmative and pro-active action in the application and adoption of existing and new "knowledge" for agricultural development. Such development is realized through new and innovative ideas, processes, approaches and technologies. These technologies and knowledge arise from the information collected, generated and assessed through scientific research, adaption of existing knowledge and communication amongst all actors in the agriculture sector.

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