With less than two weeks before Christmas, NARI received an early gift in the form of an award from the National Superannuation Fund (NASFUND) under the Best Voluntary Contributions category.  The award stems from NARI as statutory government agency who has complied and continues to support its workforce through superannuation contributions.

This award is part of NASFUND’s Annual Employer Awards, 2020 and recognised NARI who has been contributing since August 2002 at a rate of 15 percent.  At that time the employer compulsory rate was 6.6 percent. NARI was contributing an additional 8.4 percent as voluntary contribution. The employee compulsory contribution of 6 percent remains unchanged to date but employees can increase their voluntary contribution to as high as 50 percent.

NARI has a total of 275 active members who are contributing towards NASFUND. On behalf of the institute, the accounts team, Aureko Amoi and Sali Mazi were present to receive the award. NARI finished ahead of five other private companies under the Best Voluntary Contributions category. Other categories ranged from most compliant mandatory