Late Sir Michael Somare with Head of European Union Commission Anthony Crasner and former Director General Dr Ragunath Ghodake during the official opening of the new building. File photo

NARI will remember the late Grand Chief Sir Mi-chael Thomas Somare for his lasting leadership and more particularly a historical event which he attended. On November 10, 2003, as Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare was invited to the official com-missioning of Kana Aburu Haus and Sir Alkan Tololo Research Centre in Lae, Morobe province.

The then Head of European Commission Anthony Crasner and late Sir Michael Thomas Somare offi-cially commissioned the new building and the re-search centre. The Kana Aburu Haus was built at a cost of K3million.

The late Michael Thomas Somare Officially renamed the new building saying, “I now declare the Bubia Station, as Sir Alkan Tololo Research Centre".