Provincial agricultural advisors and other key partners in the highlands region have reaffirmed their commitment to work together with NARI to strengthen food and income security in the r

Although the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is still neutral with most oceanic (sea surface temperatures-SST) and atmospheric (Southern Oscillation Index-SOI) indicators are within neutral range, there is an incr

The country continues to be in an ENSO neutral state meaning it is not in an El Niño nor in a La Niña state.

GETTING our plans and framework right in line with our goal and strategic objective is a tough job, however, much can be achieved through team work and networking closely with our partner

Most rural communities rely on their rich natural resource base for basic requirements such as food and their overall livelihood.

The final assessment and evaluation of the Pobuma and Bali Vitu project sites of EUCCR project was undertaken in over two week in June (1-15 June).

FISH is an integral part of the livelihood in many coastal communities, particularly among small islands and atolls communities.

Many communities are challenged with safe drinking water sources, and could worsen in the event of natural disasters such droughts and floods.

The National Agricultural Research Institute warmly received the Minister for Higher Education Research Science and Technology, Honourable Wesley Raminai on 9 April, 2021 at the Sir Alkan Tololo Research C

Researchers from NARI and the PNG University of Technology are investigating ways to control weevils in sweetpotato apart from chemicals use.

Dr Sim Sar is one of the few entomologists in the Papua New Guinea agricultural sector.