Kana Abaru Haus SATRC NARI Head Quarter

Goroka Show was the best in the public sector category, according to the Highlands Farmers and Settlers Association (HFSA) and Eastern Highlands Agriculture Society (EHAS), the two local associations which organise this world known annual event. “The best public sector stall was put up by NARI,” said Wilson Thompson, President of HFSA and EHAS. In his acknowledgement to sponsors and major stakeholders of Goroka Show, Mr Thompson also commended NARI for creating a positive publicity for the show, as was done by the mainstream media. “On behalf of the Farmers and Settlers Association and EH Agriculture Society, we take this opportunity to thank the participants of the agriculture and rural sector who contributed in cash and kind and participated in the Agri-Fair and Goroka Show this year,” Mr Thompson said. This year’s show was the 56th Goroka Show and was staged at the National Sports Institute in Goroka from September 14-16. NARI was represented by the Highlands Regional Centre at Aiyura, Eastern Highlands. While NARI took out the best public sector stall, the best farmer group was the Coffee Industry Corporation (CIC) Coffee Growers Cooperative Society and best private sector went to Brian Bell & Co Ltd. The major sponsor for this year’s show was the National Gaming Board while Brian Bell sponsored the ‘Sir Brian Bell’ and ‘Sir Sinake Farmers’ prizes and Farmset Ltd for ‘Ian the Downs’ prize and the Minister for Agriculture and Livestock donated K10,000. Among those who participated were farmers, HFSA farmers and groups in various categories, displaying their coffee, spices, inland fish, apiculture, citrus, floriculture, livestock and other agricultural exhibits relating to food security. The NARI exhibit was aimed at educating the farming communities, stakeholders and the general public about the impacts of climate change on food and nutrition security. A team comprising of five scientists, led by Dr Akkinapally Ramakrishna, Research and Development Coordinator of the Highlands Regional Centre in Aiyura, made awareness on the problems that would arise as a result of climate change, particularly increasing temperatures, rising sea levels, El Nino induced droughts and excess moisture situations; and the likely impacts that these changes in climate that impact the food and nutrition security and livelihoods of the rural people. The team also displayed and educated the visiting public, policy makers, research managers and stakeholders about appropriate adaptation technologies that should be taken to ensure food and nutrition security in times of El Nino droughts, water shortages and other climate change induced strains on food production. Minister for Agriculture Tommy Tomscoll; Minister for Lands and Physical Planning Benny Allen, and Governor for Eastern Highlands Julie Soso plus other dignitaries visited the NARI stall and spent considerable time interacting with NARI scientists and shown keen interest in the new research and development initiatives of NARI. The show committee also acknowledged the support from DAL, NARI, CIC, Fresh Produce Development Agency and other agricultural line agencies and the private sector, development partners, and individuals for making the 56th show a success. “We look forward to seeing you all with more support next year. Please convey our appreciation to all your officers involved in this event,” said Mr Thompson.