Enabling Environment

With an increased concern for contribution to development impacts, and the adoption of the Agriculture Research for Development (AR4D) paradigm, this programme is one of the our strategies that  is necessary to contribute to achieving our strategic objective. The programme’s primary focus is on influencing an enabling environment for sustainable development of the agriculture sector. While our core business is in improving the productivity, efficiency and stability of agricultural production systems, it has been recognized and confirmed from a number of studies that improved technologies alone may not necessarily improve productivity on farmers’ fields nor contribute to greater outcomes unless these are supported by relevant/appropriate policies, markets and institutions.

A number of factors were identified as critical constraints causing disincentives to technology adoption, efficiencies in production and participation in markets by farmers. These factors include unfavourable socio-cultural environment, lack of marketing opportunities for agricultural commodities, poor institutional arrangements, poor income opportunities for farming communities, poor access to socio-economic services by smallholder farming communities and poor ability of farming communities to mobilise land for agricultural development.

Strategic Objectives

The strategic objective of this programme is: Enabling environment (policy, markets, and institutions) for sustainable agricultural development influenced. To achieve this strategic objective, its major strategies are:

  • Conducive socio-cultural environment influenced
  • Marketing opportunities to agricultural commodities enhanced and utilised by smallholder farmers
  • Institutional arrangements improved and utilised by relevant clients and stakeholders
  • Income opportunities identified for and utilised by farming communities
  • Access to socio-economic services for smallholder farmers improved
  • Improved ability of farming communities to mobilize land for agricultural development

Aims and Objectives

This programme aims to influence an enabling environment for sustainable development with the main emphasis on the following:

  • take stock of existing socio-economic and agriculture development domain environment and their parameters
  • help develop priority and high impact research portfolios
  • understand impact of external factors on the development of farming communities and of the agriculture sector in general
  • understand and project environmental needs of improved technologies
  • design appropriate strategies and policies for influencing such environment, relating to improved technologies
  • develop and utilize appropriate approaches and methods of planning, monitoring and impact assessment

Research Areas

The above are addressed through various areas of research such as:

  • socio-cultural and economic research
  • impact assessment
  • market and marketing systems research
  • innovation systems studies
  • policy and strategic research
  • spatial information system analysis
  • research planning and program development

For further information, contact: The Programme Director, Enabling Environment, NARI Headquarters, Sir Alkan Tololo Research Centre, Kana Aburu Haus, P.O Box 4415, Lae 411, Morobe Province. Papua New Guinea. Phone: (675) 478 4000 Fax: (675) 475 1450 Email: naripng@nari.org.pg