Climate Change Preparedness and Adaptation

Research for development in adaptation of agricultural systems and production to climate change is a focus not only of ours but also by the government of Papua New Guinea and donors.

Since the aftermath of the 1997 drought, we have devised a number of strategies aimed at preparing vulnerable communities to cope with the likely effects of recurring drought events. Several climate resilient related projects have been implemented across the country in partnership with key stakeholders. A number of mega projects were undertaken and continue to implement new projects at building greater drought resilient agricultural communities in PNG.

Some of our strategies that are being implemented include: improved crop varieties, postharvest and processing, watershed management, bush fire and frost control, integrating indigenous knowledge, and generating cash income saved to buy food. Awareness of these strategies is being conducted through various channels; mass media, provincial/national events, field and open days, farmer resource centres and through the annual agricultural innovation show.